Asheville Topless Child Abuse
Topless, shameless, and lawless...

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So what else happened at the event?


...underage teens were allowed to go topless and otherwise participate.

You can see the YouTube video at or click here-


"None of the officers that monitored that particular event took notice of anyone underage participating,"  said Lt. Wally Welch


So what's a summary of what happened?

  • The event organizers misrepresented the event to the city before the fact.
  • The Citizen-Times and other media outlets promoted the event before the fact.
  • A host of irresponsible adults in our community decided this would be a great opportunity to party.
  • Parents brought their children to the event.
  • Our police did not challenge or stop inappropriate activity.
  • Event organizers did not screen participants for age.
  • A festive party atmosphere was promoted and tolerated.
  • Authorities at the local and state level hid behind one soft law to ignore three or more hard laws.
  • And then when it was all done, City authorities, certain media outlets, our police, Buncombe County DSS, and the State Attorney General’s office conspired to pretend that nothing bad or illegal happened.
  • A lot of people made assumptions, ignored the obvious, and otherwise enabled this shameful community action...


So was anything done?


  • We began by raising the questions through announcements to the media, emails, city officials, local and state agencies, and others.
  • We followed-up with a formal child abuse complaint to the Buncombe County DSS - that was denied and we requested an appeal.
  • We developed a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate what happened and shared it with the media and everyone else we could think of.
  • We met with DSS and requested they reconsider their initial decision - they denied the appeal stating, once again, that no child abuse occurred and that no laws were broken. 
  • We filed a formal citizen complaint with the Asheville Police Department for the failure of their officers to enforce the law.
  • We filed a complaint with the NC State Attorney General's office - we haven't heard anything back.
  • We organized a counter protest on the same site a week later to again raise the issues and questions - about 150 people attended.
  • We raised the issue with the faith based community - there was talk, but no action.
  • We began the process of solidifying this web site.
  • We developed a petition (see page 5) that is being circulated.


So what's next?

  • We intend to keep pushing - in every way we can - as long as we can - and with everyone we can.
  • We're looking for ways to take legal action against the authorities who have failed in their jobs. 
  • We're looking at billboards and other ways to publicize what happened.
  • We'll keeping reaching out at the local and state level - the Governor is on our list next.
  • We'll keeping looking for creative ways over, around, under, and through the hurdles of complacency, complicity and corruption we encounter - persistently...

We'd like to place some billboards up on this issue around Asheville.  Got any ideas?

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